About the Autosport Labs Team

Founded by Brent Picasso and Kelley Picasso in 2008, Autosport Labs is passionate about developing open source technology for motorsport and street applications. We started off small, providing kits for the early version of the Megajolt Ignition controller, and developed our knowledge of what it takes to design and deliver across the entire product lifecycle.

Along the way we developed the expertise and capacity to do assembly of our own electronics. This gives us a tremendous advantage in both agility and removing variables in the process of delivering finished items. In our Lynnwood, WA facility we have a full range of electronic assembly equipment including a solder stencil printer, robotic pick and place machine, and reflow and through hole solder machines.

We run our technology by campaigning our own race car in the demanding and fun 24 Hours of Lemons endurance racing series.

We are all Race Car Drivers

Meet the team


Brent Picasso

Founder, CEO, Race car driver, Chief Mouth Frother and Engineer - responsible for hardware, software, firmware designs


Kelley Picasso

Founder, COO, Race car driver, Chief Ass Kicker - responsible for ideation, production expert, business management


Scott Miller

Race car driver, Heroic race car fabricator, production assembly, ideation

Ryan b3128d948ff60929782de76175eb1f42a8606da92be20112b873e7354b41da05

Ryan Doherty

Race car driver, web app magician, foodie, wino.

Andrew stiegmann b7e10d2b008865e1c7a9c246a1a6cb3727d0f636988677895fc288da74c82b39

Andrew Stiegmann

Software hacker and open source enthusiast/contributor. Driver of race cars, karts, motorcycles and anything with wheels. Brewer. General adventurer.



Fred Schechter

Race car driver, industrial designer secret weapon, product design, social media, marketing, testing, ideation